May 11, 2007


Plant Will Employ 500 People

(Columbus, Mississippi) – Governor Haley Barbour announced today that PACCAR, a global leader in the design and manufacture of premium light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, will construct its newest engine manufacturing and assembly plant on a 394-acre site in Lowndes County.

“The creation of 500 new jobs and the public and private investment in Lowndes County will contribute significantly to continued economic growth here in Northeast Mississippi. I am pleased with the decision of this major international company to locate here, which is further testament to the tremendously skilled work force and ‘can-do’ attitude at every level in this region,” Governor Barbour said.

Joined at a press conference by local officials, legislators, officials of the Mississippi Development Authority and the Columbus-Lowndes Development LINK, Governor Barbour formally signed three bills passed in a Special Session of the Legislature he called last month regarding the project. He also signed a detailed memorandum of understanding that will guide the project’s development.

In April, the Mississippi Legislature approved a state bond package totaling $48.4 million in support of the project. The package included $23.9 million for on-site improvements such as roads, site preparation, fire service and water and wastewater extensions. The other $24.5 million will support for off-site infrastructure and training, including road improvements and a training center.

The company will invest $300 million in the project, which will create 500 new jobs for the area. Annual payroll will be roughly $18 million. Production is expected to begin in 2010.

Other partners also played major roles in PACCAR’s decision.

“I am very pleased PACCAR has chosen to build its new plant in the Golden Triangle. The research and workforce being provided by Mississippi State University and the surrounding communities continue to lure top-notch manufacturers to this area, and this announcement further demonstrates that Mississippi is poised to continue to be a major player in the automotive industry,” said U.S. Senator Thad Cochran. “The high-tech jobs, community investment, and environmental consciousness that PACCAR will bring to this part of our state will stand as valuable evidence of economic success as this important part of our state continues to cooperate in development efforts.”

“TVA is pleased to support our customers, the local community, regional and state economic development leaders as they prepare for economic growth through initiatives like the Megasites program administered through McCallum Sweeney Consulting,” said TVA Senior Vice President of Economic Development John Bradley. “PACCAR’s announcement to locate on the Crossroads Megasite provides an optimal location for the company’s new facility and brings quality jobs to the Columbus-Lowndes County area and the State of Mississippi.”

Jeff Forsythe, Senior Consultant at McCallum Sweeney Consulting and project manager for PACCAR’s “Project Jupiter” added, “The outstanding site and strong labor force in the region were important factors in this location decision. It was a highly competitive project and in the end the Mississippi team prevailed over locations in 12 states.”

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